Did you know that most spinal injuries can be prevented?
Our standing position (standing) is a position taken, so that our column must not make extraordinary efforts outside our natural complexion.
Caring for your back through exercise, proper diet and following the advice of your doctor can you enjoy a healthy back, and therefore a lifestyle that enables them to exercise and enjoy their activities.
The most common causes of back injury are:
Weak muscles in the back, abdomen and legs
Lifting of heavy or repetitive
Twisting the body instead of your feet when you get up and remains a burden lifted
Load Lift with your arms instead of having them close to the body from the beginning of the lifting charge
Lifting or carrying objects in unconventional ways
Working in awkward positions for prolonged periods
Sitting or standing in one position for several hours
Slipping or falling
Poor posture for long periods of time
To determine if you should see a back specialist, the following questions may serve as a guide:
  • Is the back pain has reached a limit in their daily lives more than twice in a year?
  • Is the back pain was running down the legs?
  • Have you been over a year with back and neck pain?
  • Do you feel numbness, often in their legs or arms?